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After 17 years as a personal trainer Shianne Lombard ran into health problems of her own. She begged doctor's 'something is wrong, life should not have to be this HARD'. After years of misdiagnoses and lost tests turned out she had a rare disease called Cushing's. Tumors formed on her Adrenal glands over producing Cortisol- your stress hormone. Your body and brain gets a constant signal that it is in 'fight or flight' crisis mode causing each system, organ and chemical to misfire or shutdown. Side effects such as weight gain around the midsection and back of neck, diabetes and blood sugar deregulation, inflammation, muscle deterioration, frail bones, hair loss, poor immunity, infertility, moonface, buffalo hump, extreme fatigue, brain fog, confusion, severe anxiety/depression and chemical imbalances.

She was constantly told 'your a personal trainer, your suppose to be fatigued, tired and in pain all the time, it's all part of the game'. But she knew something more was going on under the surface. When finally diagnosed correctly, the damage had been done internally and was given a possible 5 years to live. Misdiagnosis can be a killer.…

Matthew Flores Real Estate

About the Book

This book is in two parts: my life growing up, struggles, misdiagnoses, and recovery; Part 2 is my biggest contribution. I wanted to combine my 17 years as a personal trainer with my own personal struggles to help people with Cushing’s, AI (adrenal insufficiency), or any chronic illness who can’t just go to the local gym or bootcamp. Exercises straight from the hospital bed or wheelchair to basic movements anyone can do no matter what their fitness level. When you are ready, you move to the next level at your own pace. Workbook to follow for tracking progress.  

I also want to share the holistic alternative therapies I used along the way as well as fashion/beauty tips in my desperate attempt to keep my business and livelihood going before I lost it all.

And finally, the Top 10 Things I Focused to balance your body (which is one big chemistry set), feel AMAZING and start living for the first time at age 40. It's never to late to get your health back.

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